Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Senenmut and Neferure - British Museum

Statue of Senenmut and Neferura
Originally uploaded by Lenka P

As a father, i am always taken back when i see sculptures like this wonderful example from the British Museum. To me this appears to be be a very loving, protective picture of what appears to be a father and daughter (at a glance). Thutmose II, Neferure's father would object to such a statement. But where are the statues featuring Neferure and Hatshepsut/ Thutmose III?

Neferure (Neferura if you like) is the only (confirmed) child of Hatshepsut that i am aware of. Here, she is shown with (one of) her tutor(s), Senenmut.

Senenmut is the one person who (outside of recognised family members) is depicted the most with Hatshepsut's daughter, Neferura, but not the only person which i will highlight at a later date.

This is one of many such statues showing such an embrace between these two people. What role did a tutor play in Ancient Egypt? Probably a dominant role in the lives of those who were under their tutorship, after the early days of their wet- nurse.

I highlight this photo due to both Senenmut and Neferura being present. Thanks to Lenka P for the original photo.


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