Monday, 14 March 2011

Hatshepsut - NTrj-mnw - Karnak Open Air Museum

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Let's start by making then name a bit easier to say - NTrj-mnw can be pronounced Netery Menu (Neterry Menoo).

Located in the Karnak Temple Open Air Museum, the NTrj-mnw (meaning "Divine Monument") in the form of 240 blocks- is the latest of Hatshepsut's monuments to be mentioned on this blog.

Dr. Karl Leser, known (amongst other achievements) for his Hatshepsut related website Maatkara Hatschepsut informed me about the "Divine Monument" by email. His website has an excellent description of the monument and further photos, including the appearance of Neferure. The above photo provided by Kairoinfo4u just happened to be a saved favourite of mine on Flickr. Until today, i did not know which monument this came from.

All information on the transliteration and translation, plus the location and number of blocks within this post comes directly from Dr. Leser's website, which is where you will find out the currently available information regarding this monument (click on the above link).

Two points i would like to add:

* We have 2 further cartouches of Hatshepsut which appear to be undamaged in the way we would expect of a Hatshepsut cartouche.

Look at both Lion's heads (the lions head and paw make up the "Hat" in the name Hatshepsut. They are carved individually and are different. Also note the distance between the flail (the item held in the hand of the seated figure) and the lions paw to show that both cartouches were done at different times (perhaps by different individuals?). These are the types of things that stand out to me when looking at blocks like this.

Thank you Dr Leser for the information supplied by private correspondence and your website.

Thank you also Kairoinfo4u - you're becoming a regular on my blog and long may that continue.



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