Monday, 21 March 2011

Hatshepsut Article - Wicked Stepmother or Joan of Arc?

Written in 2004, i find this article interesting. The author is Peter Dorman- an associate professor of Egyptology at Chicago University (at least at the time of writing the article).

The subject matter itself is one which has caused much controversy ever since the name of Hatshepsut became known to modern scholars. The article is inconclusive, which i personally feel is the correct finding- based solely on the artifacts which are available to us to see today.

Its an informative read, so i leave you all to draw your own conclusions. This article comes from the archives of the Oriental Institute, Chicago. I will be posting further articles from Peter Dorman in the future as he appears to have written much of the time of Hatshepsut.



Alice said...

Hi Stuart !
An important book of Peter Dorman : The Monuments of Senenmut. Problems in Historical Methodology , Kegan Paul International !

Stuart Tyler said...

Hi Alice,

I was not aware of this book- so i am very grateful to you. It is on my "wish list".

Peter Dorman seems to be quite an important person- as far as Hatshepsut is concerned. This will be a welcomed addition to my collection.