Hatshepsut Sites

These are the sites where Hatshepsut related items have been found, from the very small items to the far larger monuments and statues. Progress of this page will mirror the blogs progress to attempt to locate all sites where evidence of Hatshepsut has been found. Some examples of finds are given, but are in no way complete.

Upper Egypt:

Abydos - including Tomb D9 block statue of Sitepehu
Chapel of Wadjmose - 
Deir el Medina - Ostracon and fragmented vessels 
Elephantine - Temple of Satet
El Kab - including Tomb EK2 Ahmose Pen Nekhbet
Hierakonpolis - Foundation material
Karnak Temple - Various Monuments
KV20 - Tomb of Hatshepsut
KV60 - Tomb of Sit-Re (Hatshepsut's wet- nurse)
Luxor Avenue of Sphinxes - including 6 Chapels/ Waystations
Luxor Temple - Shrine/ Waystation
Medinet Habu - Small Temple to Amun 
Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut (Djeser Djeseru)
Mortuary Temple of Mentuhotep II- Various 
Mortuary Temple of Merneptah - Various Blocks
Mortuary Temple of Ramesses II (Ramesseum)
Mortuary Temple of Thutmose III - (Djeser Akhet)
Rock Cut Tomb - Unused/ unfinished Tomb
Sheikh Abd el-Qurna - Theban Tombs (TT) including Senenmut, Ineni...

Middle Egypt:

Amarna - Alabaster Vessel
Beni Hasan - Speos Artemidos, Temple of Pakhet

Lower Egypt:
Memphis - (possible) Sphinx of Hatshepsut or Thutmose III   


Buhen - Temple to Horus
Aniba - Tomb S66 (Tomb of Ruiu)
Qasr Ibrim - Obelisk
Semna Temple
Kumma Temple