Friday, 11 March 2011

News from the Valley of Kings - Kate Phizackerley

I am a proud follower of Kate Phizackerley and her News from the Valley of Kings blog.

Last night as i was nearing brain- freeze on Flickr - i decided to drop in to see what Kate was posting. To my delight, Kate had just posted the following article:

UK TV Tonight 10pm - Hatshepsut

After running around the house, tripping up over my blog material (the horrible paper-based information which i always have the intention of working through, but inevitably end up resting my coffee cup on) i turned on the TV.

Now as a blogger (and specifically a Hatshepsut blogger), i share this delayed information with you.

The documentary is related to the Punt trading expeditions which are documented on the walls of Deir el Bahri- and for which Hatshepsut is so well known.

I intend to make notes, but have yet to do so. However, as luck would have it- there is a lovely write-up on another blog i follow: Egyptology News by Andie Burns/ Kat Newkirk.

Other blogs have been so helpful to the Hatshepsut Project. Please feel free to drop in to see what others are reporting on.

Thanks to Kate/Andie/Kat



Kate Phizackerley said...

And now the Hatshepsut Project is featured on Egyptological!

Stuart Tyler said...

...which i am really proud of Kate. I will be posting something to highlight that shortly. for now-i will stick with a simple Thank You...

To be continued.....