Monday, 7 March 2011

18th Dynasty Family Tree Anneke Bart

Here we have a site that has helped me to try to understand the 18th Dynasty family tree.

Thank you to Anneke Bart for the information provided on your website.



Alice said...

There are some mistakes on the family tree : Thutmose I is not the son of the first Amenhotep. We only know the name of his mother, Seniseneb. And because he never has the royal title "son of the king", he is probably a commoner.

One of the family-tree also forgets the two of the half-brothers of Hatshepsut, Amenmes and Wadjmes.

Excuses for my English : I'm French-speaker :). I currently work on a doctoral thesis about Hatshepsut so if I can help you, it's with pleasure !

Stuart Tyler said...

Hi Alice. Thank you for your comment. I have removed one of the links completely. Anneke's site mentions both half brothers, but the other site is indeed misleading- which is why it has been removed.

Your comments are appreciated. Any time you feel you can help i will look forward to your input. Please contact me at any time. I would love to hear more about your doctoral thesis.

Also your English is better than mine!!!