Sunday, 27 February 2011

Hatshepsut - Visible Cartouche at Deir el Bahri

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Something i will look out for during my next visit to Deir el Bahri (hopeful thinking) are cartouches. When attempts were made to destroy traces of Hatshepsut's name, her eternal future was in jeopardy. It was only in recent centuries that her name was "found" again by early Egyptologists (not the same as Egyptologists today).

On this block, we see Hatshepsut's cartouche (Foremost of noble women, united with Amun) on the right. To the left we see her title "daughter of Re.

Although chiseled out, it can be read with relative ease. Due to this block not being situated within a wall/ door - i cannot say exactly where it comes from within Deir el Bahri. I may be able to find out in time.

Thanks again to Kairoinfo4u - i am extremely grateful to you for the wonderful images being shared on Flickr.



tim said...

It is a very interesting block indeed and series of pictures.


Stuart Tyler said...

I agree, Tim. Information- wise, it gives us a lot. However, the full scene/ doorway, etc would be wonderful too. I will leave that to the Polish team, who are working their magic in a most affective way.