Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Deir el Bahri, Excavation of Middle Platform

Deir el Bahri, Excavation of Middle Platform, Dec 1894
Originally uploaded by The Egypt Exploration Society

This photograph is from the archives of the Egypt Exploration Society - showing the clearance of the middle platform of Deir el Bahri.

Top- left of the photo is the remains of a monastery of Saint Phoibammon. Built of brick and re-used stone - it was to be knocked down by Francois - Auguste Mariette. This was due to Mariette conducting what would turn out to be the first large- scale excavation of the temple.

Thanks to the EES for the photo and Hatshepsut - From Queen to Pharaoh (Metropolitan Museum of Art and others)- pages 290-291 for the information on the Coptic monastery and Mariette's excavation.


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