Monday, 7 March 2011

Deir el Bahri 1962

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This is the type of photograph that really makes it all worth while to me.

In 1961 (as i look at page 293 of Hatshepsut- from Queen to Pharaoh), Deir el Bahri was to be taken under the wing of the Warsaw University's Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology in Cairo.

During 1961, restoration work began on the Upper Terrace (pictured). The wooden scaffolding has been built so that the Ptolemaic Portico can be restored to its present day condition.

Restoration, conservation and study continues at Deir el Bahri today (by Warsaw University). Hatshepsut's mortuary temple has been very well cared for. It can be too easy to take for granted the work that goes on "behind the scenes" in Egypt. Deir el Bahri suffered over the years, but today "she" can be considered one of the most inspiring of all the many sites in Egypt.


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