Saturday, 12 March 2011

Email account hijacked

I am used to the benefits of having an email address and now i must get used to the fact that hijackers are ready to pounce at any time.

As you will see from this blog i use Hotmail, under the name styler78. I publicly include my email on this blog and welcome all emails.

It seems that my account has been hijacked within the last 2-3 days. Emails are going out in my name, which are not of my making.

If anyone receives an email which reads something along the lines of:

"there is so much we need to catch up on I found something that is ideal for your lifestyle I didnt think that this could do much for me at first (spam email address) ive never seen so much money in my entire life its always good to broaden your horizons"

then the email is not from me.

Using Hotmail's own advise- I've changed my password and will assume that this will correct matters. If you get an email from me which you would like me to verify- please ask (post a comment on this post). I would say that 90% of my emails will specifically be about Ancient Egypt. If not-then do not click any links.

Also i will sign emails "Regards, Stuart"-or similar, as i tend to do on this blog. Do not click any links on possibly "dodgy" emails.

Thank you (and of course my apologies) to Dr. Leser for your email- informing me of this.

I will change my email address if problems persist,


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