Hatshepsut Project Updates

This page will be used to help me keep track of changes/ updates on the blog. All items listed will be from June 2011 onwards.

November 2011- June 2012:

  • Phil Stewart added as Admin. in the Hatshepsut Project group on Facebook.
  • The birth of my son, Aidan Stuart Tyler in early 2012.   
  • Hatshepsut Project Museum Database Blog deleted by me- giving me time for other projects.
  • A very important step forward on Facebook, a database of photos, begins
  • Phil Stewart begins the Hatshepsut and Neferure Scarab Project on Facebook. More to follow on this.

November 2011: 

  • 41 items added to the database (Berlin Museum)
  • 9 items added to the database (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge)

October 2011: 
  • Rita Murray is added as an Administrator on the "Hatshepsut Project Group" on Facebook. We have around 185 members to date and is growing rapidly.
  • Blog posting resumed. Posts will continue being linked to Twitter.

September 2011:
  • Computer problems hamper progress in September.  Currently working on a fix.
  • Database entries minimised to allow for posting of online documents and other areas.
  • Database current entries being reviewed, links being added.

August 2011:
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art - Added to Database (some work still needed)
  • To Do: Tidy up Pages: Museums, Sites
  • Purchase made of books to aid further research. One on Scarab Beetles, one on Statues
  • Story breaks stating Hatshepsut may have been poisoned
  • Links being checked at random. Bad links replaced and further links added where needed (ongoing)
  • Hatshepsut Database updated with further items (ongoing), new museums noted.
  • Removal of link between Blog and Facebook. Updates will be done manually.
  • Ongoing issues linking all posts to Twitter rectified
  • Reviewing future projects including Hatshepsut Project on Flickr and posting on the Osiride Head Project.
July 2011:
  • Hatshepsut Project Group opened up on Facebook 
  • Further Sites, Museums, Officials and artifacts located
  • Database data input begun
  • Hatshepsut Project now on TWITTER
  • Link added to Royal Ontario Museum (Egyptian Collections)
  • Database of Hatshepsut artifacts begun. Not currently on view publicly.
  • Removed Favourite Sites page. These sites are accessible as Labels.
  • Museums and Sites Pages removed. Separate Tabs for each added instead. 
June 2011:

  • Deleted duplicate labels and added further labels where appropriate (ongoing)
  • Djehuty post updated (TT11 new findings)
  • Updated the Cleveland Museum post (due to update from Dr Andrzej Cwiek)
  • Fonts changed for better appearance
  • Updated Main Deir el Bahri photo (re sized)
  • Page added, "Hatshepsut Project Updates"
  • Email subscription option added to blog
  • Additional Pages moved to top of blog. Renamed "Hatshepsut Project Tabs"
  • Email Posting option added to blog (untested)
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art database link updated (due to further items available to view)