Saturday, 19 March 2011

TT11 - Tomb of Djehuty

TT11 (Theban Tomb No.11) in the Theban Necropolis is the tomb of Djehuty. Djehuty was the Overseer of the Treasury & Overseer of the Works during the reign of Hatshepsut.

Other than Senenmut, i have yet to include anyone with a real connection to Hatshepsut (outside family members), so this will add another name to the Hatshepsut Project. His tomb mentions of course Hatshepsut, for whom he worked and is another person who is involved in the life of our female pharaoh.

Jane Akshar's blog provides some very useful posts, as does Dr Karl Leser's website (search Persons,Djehuti).

Senenmut and Djehuty, as well as the other people involved in Hatshepsut's reign provide a lot of information for modern day scholars and researchers. Dates, achievements, job titles and much more can be found on the walls of their tombs and on their statues.

Update: Further findings in Djehuty's tomb by Kate Phizackerley


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Hatshepsut said...

Hapuseneb (1st Priest of Amun)
Puiemra (2nd Priest of Amum)