Saturday, 19 March 2011

Foundation Deposits by Tour Egypt

In an earlier post i mentioned foundation deposits. Within the post i said:

"I cannot say for sure why foundation deposits were deemed necessary"
Looking further into this (and there's a good deal of online resources for this) - the placing of foundation deposits was part of a much larger ritualistic ceremony. Information provided by TourEgypt gives us the full ceremony and how foundation deposits fit into it:

Beginning the Construction

1. "Stretching the Cord", thereby fixing the plan of the building.
2. Purifying the area to be built upon by sprinkling gypsum.
3. Digging the first foundation trench
4. Filling the foundation trench with sand
5. Moulding the first brick or bricks
6. Burying the foundation deposits
7. Initiation of the building work

Completion of Construction

8. Purification of the completed temple
9. Presenting the temple to the deities to whom it is dedicated
10. Offering of sacrifices

Thank you to TourEgypt for the information. Although i linked to their site during the original post - i feel it necessary to post the above-to show that foundation deposits are now less of a mystery to me- now that the above is known.

At a later date i will discuss who discovered the various foundation deposits around Deir el Bahri, when they discovered them, what was included and where they are now. A lot more information gathering is necessary before i am able to do this.



tim said...

I would guess that you will find some material from the Deir el Bahari foundation deposits in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York?

I will keep my eye open.


Debbie said...

The Met has a nice reconstruction of one of the foundation deposits.


Stuart Tyler said...

Thank you Tim/ Debbie. The Met is a good place to start. The foundation deposits are very much scattered around the world (UK,France,USA to name a few countries). Fortunately for me- some are in the UK. I hope to see these in person at some stage. Perhaps in the summer (touch wood).

Thanks for the info,


Debbie said...

I don't think the foundation deposit display is on their website. Maybe next time I make it to the Met (First Sunday every month Bank of America customers can get in free) I'll try and take a picture of it for you.


Stuart Tyler said...

Debbie- that would be wonderful. Any photos you are able to provide will be of great use to me.

I may never get the chance to go to New York, so i do rely on others to provide photographs.

However - if i ever get the chance to go to the Met(which i will do everything in my power to do)- the staff there will have a real job on their hands getting me to leave. I may even bring a sleeping bag!!!