Friday, 11 March 2011

Warsaw University's Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology in Cairo

My last post "Deir el Bahri 1962" touched on the work done at Deir el Bahri from 1961- present.

The link i posted is excellent. More importantly- it is their site which is excellent. There are a number of downloadable PDF files which I've been able to view and print which i would like to share.

Rather than a great list of links, i will include links to PDFs to highlight specific areas of (restoration/ conservation/ cleaning/ study, etc) work which will aid my/ your understanding of the mortuary temple of Hatshepsut.

I have yet to look at all the available documents, although i will print every available document and save the links for a "rainy day".

Whilst i am sorting through the documentation i have accrued - i would like to share the following link, which comes directly from the Warsaw University site:

Deir el Bahri by Zbigniew E. Szafrański (follow the link then click "Deir el Bahri" on the right hand side of the screen). The PDF is in English.

More links will follow. I feel that it is important to hear directly from those "in the field" and this short Wikipedia Article confirms who Zbigniew E. Szafrański is.

This very well written article and the others that i will share should prove to be invaluable to gathering information on Deir el Bahri. I look forward to spending some time looking through the many other documents i have been able to locate.


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