Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hatshepsut - Auctions

I posted recently about my concerns about private collections. Rather than assuming that all private collections are black market born collections, I wanted to show that well- known auction houses have been selling Egyptian antiquities for many years.

The Griffith Institute (University of Oxford) is one source of information which highlights some previous auctions, which have included Hatshepsut- related artifacts.

Seen here are a few items mentioning Hatshepsut, which have changed hands over the years through auction houses. I am unsure as to the rules concerning modern auctions - this is a very small glimpse into the world of the auctions houses and their role in moving Egyptian artifacts from collector to collector.

This is also a great opportunity to welcome the Griffith Institute to the Hatshepsut Project. The information which can be gained from visiting their site is worth sharing.

A link specifically to their "collections" page can be seen here. I have only introduced these collections. I leave the browsing to you as your interests may differ slightly from mine.

I am sure more will follow, regarding the Griffith Institute and their site.


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