Friday, 26 August 2011

Statues of Senenut by Dr. Karl Leser

I recently posted about a Senenmut Statue which is located in a Luxor Storage Magazine. Unable to provide a photo at the time, it has been brought to my attention by Dr. Karl Leser that this item, plus others which i have yet to identify have been listed on one page on his website.

Whilst i will report on the individual locations separately, it is great to have the statuary of Senenmut all in one place and makes further research that much easier.

Please visit Maat-Ka-Ra Hatschepsut, go to Site Map and then Statues of Senenmut. Even the more fragmented statues have been included by Dr. Leser.

With thanks to Dr Leser for pointing this page out to me. This will prove to be a valuable resource to all of us interested in Senenmut's statuary.


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