Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Burial of Hatshepsut - Dylan Bickerstaffe

Available to download on the Egyptologists Electronic Forum (EEF) is a great article from:

Heritage of Egypt, Issue 1, January 2008:

Dylan Bickerstaffe - The Burial of Hatshepsut

Many important points being raised. If Hatshepsut was found intact, wrapped up in her finery within her coffins, within her sarcophagus, in her tomb then we would have little reason for discussion on the subject of her burial. As it stands, we see many areas open for discussion and further research, so the story of Hatshepsut's identification is far from a closed case.

Further information on Dylan's work on Hatshepsut can be seen on his website, including an article which will act as a follow up to the one above. Go to "News" and scroll down.

Thanks to Dylan for sharing the above articles with us.


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