Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hatshepsut Project - Time to learn about the artifacts

Although i am on a break from regular posting (back very soon), i have been looking at a few things which may help me interpret the findings of the Hatshepsut Database.

A book on Scarab Beetles, one on Statues and general articles about seals, cylinder seals, amulets and menats have been providing me with some information on the items listed so far, to give me a "crash course".
As i am learning myself, i thought it prudent to have at least one eye on the Hatshepsut Project. The other one is being rested. 

Whilst i will not update this form of work, i want you to know that i am still working hard- even without my laptop.

The above literature will give me a "beginners" guide on why we have these artifacts. Senenmut is a name never too far from my thoughts, too. Bizarrely, i couldn't sleep last night until i had looked up the "Year 11 stela" which features Senenmut, Neferure and Hathor. Why this was on my mind is anyone's guess. I will include the stela in a post soon, as its a lovely piece of history, out in the Sinai Desert.

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