Monday, 22 August 2011

Hatshepsut Lotion, Part 2 (of 3)

I hope to conclude the research into the Hatshepsut lotion within the next 48hrs. I am in contact with Dr. Helmut Wiedenfeld who we know from the various articles on the subject. He has offered information which may end any further queries into the discovery location and subsequent history. I have asked for clarification on a number of points, which i feel necessary before posting the conclusion. If the response comes sooner, then i will share the information immediately.

To clarify one point- i do not doubt the findings, I welcome them. My only fear was that some of the pieces of the jigsaw were not included in the subsequent articles. A point i wished to address immediately. Also a point which will lend a lot more clarity for those of us who feel it necessary. Please feel free to add any points you feel have been missed? Perhaps you may feel that i am "flogging a dead horse". Either way, your opinions are welcomed.

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