Friday, 26 August 2011

Hatshepsut Museum Database - MMA to be added

This weekend i will start adding the Metropolitan Museum of Arts collection of Hatshepsut artifacts. Fortunately there are many items within the collection, so the database will be hugely complemented by the data.

As i visit their collections quite often online, i am very familiar with a number of the statues and especially their Osiride head collection, so this will give me the opportunity to familiarise myself with the smaller artifacts within their collection.

Not only Hatshepsut, but Hatnofer and Ramose (Senenmut's parents), Neferure and Senenmut himself. Looking at the time it took to record the Petrie Museum and British Museum, i will have my work cut out, so it may even take longer than the time i have allocated. Nevertheless, it will be the last of the very large museum collections to be included in the database - depending on the size of the Berlin Egyptian Museum's collection.

Should any important news or discoveries come to light over the weekend (as they did a week ago today), i will look into these first. I haven't had a response from the Bonn University Egyptian Museum, but i have not forgotten about the importance of obtaining the requested information on the Hatshepsut Lotion.


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