Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hatshepsut Museum Database - Early Stats.

To date there are 441 separate entries on the database. Some single entries are describing multiple items (such as foundation deposits).

So far, as a sample of entries, we have:

  • 95 Scarabs
  • 75 entries labelled "Foundation Deposits"
  • 29 Vases
  • 8 Kneeling Statues
  • 6 Finger rings, and
  • 1 Obelisk

With the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Berlin Egyptian Museum and a number of blank pages to go, the number should rise significantly over the following months.



Joan Lansberry said...

Yes, the Met has lots of Hatshepsut statuary and some items from her foundation deposits.

Stuart Tyler said...

Hi Joan. Indeed they do. i have been looking into the background behind their collection before adding them to the database. Their website has been very informative in this regard.