Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hatshspsut Lotion...Update

Whereas i assumed yesterday i might have a reason to conclude the hunt for the required details on the Hatshepsut lotion (or correctly- the vessel that contains the lotion), that will not be the case.

When conducting experiments on the contents of the vessel, Dr Wiedenfeld was not provided with all the information i have requested. Enquiries are now being made with the Bonn University Egyptian Museum directly.

Thank you to Dr. Helmut Wiedenfeld for your recent correspondence.You pointed out something that many of us noticed- there are many questions about this story. None of them are due to doubts about the story which was reported last week, all of them to provide further information which will allow a more complete picture of the significance of the findings.



tim said...

The big question of course, what is the bottles provenance? The inscription on the bottle is quite crude for the quality of the flask itself, certainly an ancient artifact is worth more if a modern dealer puts a kings name on it and Hatshepsut is a romantic favorite?

Or that the flask did belong to Hatshepsut and posses the question. was someone trying to poison her and did they succeed?

The content however of the sealed bottle is something far rarer than the bottle even if it does bear a kings cartouche on it.

The current science being done on it's contents may be applicable to a far larger population than just the king herself?

Interesting to know if mummies can be tested to see if they contain the residue of the hydrocarbon?


Stuart Tyler said...

Provenance is everything Tim as you correctly point out. I await those details through enquiries with the Bonn University.

I see no reason why we cannnot apply the current science to the non- royals. I would suspect that the reasons it may not be done is expense and the fact that Egyptian Royalty sells more than non-royals. We have many vessels which could be examined in the same way and it may provide vital information.

We will have to see..