Friday, 19 August 2011

Hatshepsut Lotion

Emails have been popping up like crazy regarding this article.

Whilst its late here in he UK, I appreciate those of you who will be waking up to this article, so rather than go to sleep on this I want to share a few things

To sum it up for those new to the article, The University of Bonn have spent two years studying the contents of a metal container, which is inscribed with the throne name of Hatshepsut. The results are in the article. It may have led to the poisoning of at least one person, perhaps more.

Whilst the findings make fantastic news the attachment to Hatshepsut is down to the inscriptions on the container only. I have yet to find details from Bonn University regarding the discovery of the container. Before jumping to conclusions it would wise to see what is known of its discovery and subsequent history. If you can help, please contact me.

We may be looking at a vessel which originally belonged to Hatshepsut but was used by someone after Hatshepsut's death. In this case, Hatshepsut may indeed have used the vessel, but not with the contents which the article discusses. This way the contents had no ill effect on Hatshepsut. She may have never seen this vessel in her lifetime,who knows for sure?

I emailed the University and await their response. Any further information will be good to hear.


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