Friday, 8 July 2011

TT71- Tomb of Senenmut (By Dr.Karl Leser)

TT71- Tomb of Senenmut is discussed in detail on Maat-Ka-Ra-Hatschepsut. A number of pages clearly illustrate the finds in and around the tomb itself and there are a number of excellent quality photographs and diagrams. Excellent descriptions of the features of the tomb itself are given, including what's left of the decoration.

A point worth mentioning is that there are a number of Hatshepsut artifacts which i have yet to report on, which are mentioned in the above linked pages of tomb TT71. Some of these i have looked into at some length and some are relatively new to me. These will be mentioned in the future as seperate posts and will be included (eventually) in a database of objects outside of museum collections, when i get around to it (unlikely to be in 2011 due to other Hatshepsut projects i am working on).

I mentioned a while back that the book "Hatshepsut From Queen to Pharaoh" is my bible. Maat-Ka-Ra is my online Hatshepsut bible. Not only is the site remarkably informative, but Dr. Leser is a very accomodating man, who has done more for my understanding of Hatshepsut than any other single resource.

It is no surprise that i have extensively linked to his site from this blog.


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