Monday, 4 July 2011

Hatshepsut Museum Database

As reported in an earlier post, i have experienced isses with the Hatshepsut Project on Wikiversity, launched by Anneke Bart. The fact is that i get confused with the coding involved in posting additional items. This is purely an issue on my part, but it means i have not yet added to Anneke's work. Apoligies again, Anneke - i will get through this, but i may need my wife on hand as she is FAR more patient than i am

Hatshepsut Project has a number of aims. Cataloging all the Hatshepsut finds noted within the project are now a priority. For now i am beginning to collect information on various museums' Hatshepsut artifacts:

* Metropolitan Museum of Art
* British Museum
* Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The information being gathered will be prepared on an Excel (test) spreadsheet (yep, that's my level i'm afraid!). Here i will log every item, provide links, descriptions, etc. This information will then be transferred to Wikiversity at a later date.

Well, that's the plan at least. I know my way around Excel- or at least i hope i do !


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