Sunday, 31 July 2011

Hatshepsut Project now on Facebook

My wife and I have created the "Hatshepsut Project" Group to Facebook as a tester:

Hatshepsut Project.

Please feel free to join the group. Feel free to start topics, make comments and generally have your say. Although i am the Admin, the intention is to find as many like minded people to discuss Hatshepsut with.

As with any "open groups" i hope that only those with a real interest have their say. I will try not to lead discussions, as i am at a stage where i need the thoughts of others.

It will be a test. If we get bogged down with spammers, then i will do my bit. If discussions arise which are healthy, then it will be a permanent fixture. I haven't linked this blogs posts yet, but that can be done soon if i (or others) feel it necessary or complimentary.


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