Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hatshepsut's Amarna Alabaster Vessel - further information

I've tracked down information relating to the alabaster vessel inscribed for Hatshepsut found at Amarna, which is mentioned in this post.

The Griffith Institute has a link to collections in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. They list the alabaster vessel as:

"El-Amarna. Private Palace. Royal Store-Rooms (P.42.2).
iv.199 Jar of
Hatshepsut, alabaster, in Cairo, Egyptian Museum, JE 57203.
Pendlebury in
xviii (1932), pl. 19 [3]

From: Page 764.

This gives room for further research. I will track down further information on this excavation year and the other finds which bare the name of Hatshepsut.


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