Sunday, 17 July 2011

Royal Ontario Museum Punt Cast

I have only attributed one item to the Royal Ontario Museum so far. The item is a wall cast of a section of the Deir el Bahri Punt Expedition.

Al Ahram Weekly (Issue No 60, October 2002) provides the information which i have been looking for on  how the cast made and how it ended up at the ROM. It seems that the Metropolitan Museum of Art comissioned a Mr Charles Trick Currelly (founder of the Royal Ontarion Museum) to copy the full Punt Expedition. This he did:

"He taught his Egyptian workmen a technique he had learned from Petrie at Abydos using tin foil and beeswax, and managed to persuade a group of visiting Torontonians to fund a second copy for the future museum -- a museum which had by that time gained momentum in his mind, if not in reality. The second copy of the Punt Expedition was duly created and remains one of the ROM's most impressive displays, a popular teaching point for the museum's educational programmes"


@friendsofpetrie said...

That Petrie gets everywhere!

Stuart Tyler said...

Hi @friendsofpetrie,

He most certainly does and Egyptology is all the better for it. His techniques, which he shared with the local Egyptian Labourers are still being passed on today. Petrie was a great man (still is) and someone i will enjoy finding more about.