Sunday, 24 July 2011

Deir el Bahri 1915/1917 - Swansea Museum Archives

Swansea Museum's website (Egypt Centre) has a number of photos taken between the years 1915-1917 by L.Sgt. Johnston of Carmarthen. One such photograph is of a soldier standing on the second (middle) terrace at Deir el Bahri.

Long before much of the restoration work we see the benefits of today, the upper terrace appears almost too be non-existent. It is there, just in thousands of fragments, yet to be reconstructed. The second photo, underneath the black and white photo shows the upper terrace proudly reconstructed, as with the stairs leading up to it.

Photographs like these are extremely valuable to researchers. I wish to thank those at Swansea Museum for making the above photo, plus these photographs of Egypt during 1915-1917.


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