Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hatshepsut Project now on Twitter

I am now on Twitter. If you feel this could be something for you, my profile name is Hatshepstu.

For now, i will simply spend a few weeks finding others' to follow. Already the Petrie Museum, KV64 (Kate Phizackerley), Egyptological (Kate Phiz and Andrea Byrnes) and Egyptology News Network (Paul Broughton) are being followed, but there are MANY more sites which i intend to follow.

New to Twitter, I don't know how to use it to benefit the Hatshepsut Project. I plan to spend some time over the coming weekend to start Tweeting. I dont know if i can just use it for linking to posts here.

Anyone with any early tips, please let me know. For now I am out of my confort zone, so all advice is welcomed.

My number 1 priority for the coming weeks will be the Hatshepsut Project Museum database. I mentioned previously that i have around 250 entries on the database to date (mainly the Petrie Museum and British Museum).

The pace the blog is picking up is daunting, but really exciting. I have a keen eye on expansion and have many ideas which i hope will become reality. Facebook is one such idea. Already the Osiride Head Project and further mini- projects have been put on ice for the time-being. I have the information, but not the time to put it all together. That will come.

A quick update is from the Metroplitan Museum of Art. Having read their terms and conditions, this blog will be able to fully utilise the photographic material from the MMA website. I have been relying on Flickr which has been an excellent resource, but i have to think about the bigger picture, which is the museum database.

Realistically i need to contact ALL museums of interest, websites, blogs to ensure that everyone is happy for me to use their work. This all takes time. I've lobbied to my local council to increase the number of hours in the day to 48, but have yet to receive a response!

Jokes aside, further updates will follow.


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