Monday, 25 July 2011

Egyptian Museum, Cairo

The EMC is the latest museum added to the growing database. It's been a headache as they do not have a dedicated online database such as the Petrie Museum, British Museum, MMA, etc.

So far 100 items have been recorded for the Egyptian Museum. That number might double once ALL items have been recorded, but finding these items is problematic. It took a full day yesterday to locate the 100 items- some of which do not have acquisition numbers/ museum numbers, some have a very general description so is difficult to obtain the quality of information which fit the database template.

I am working overtime on this museum, pulling resources from everywhere i can find them- Porter and Moss, Flickr, Google, Wiki, Global Egyptian Museum, Hatshepsut from Queen to Pharaoh exhibition book/reports, etc.

I hope that the new museum (GEM) at Giza will do me a huge favour and have an online catalogue. I will even volunteer to help them do this. For now there is a lot of research to be done for this one museum. If any of you have any ideas which may help, please feel free to contact me.


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