Wednesday, 7 September 2011

More on the Liverpool Museum Pebble

Further to my recent post on the Hatshepsut "pebble" in the Liverpool Museum, i would like to add the following:

One of the Hatshepsut Project Group(Facebook) followers, Rita Murray has been kind enough to contact her local museum, which happens to be the Liverpool Museum. They confirm the item is on display, in the World Museum collection.

On the Liverpool Museums Facebook page, the item is displayed. They call it a "model shell type foundation deposit" and it can be seen here:

Liverpool Museum Facebook Page

Thank you to Rita for enquiring on my behalf. I appreciate your help.

If anyone wants to join us on Facebook, the Hatshepsut Project Group is happy to welcome you. Information within the Group is faster paced than this blog as its quicker to post. It is not a duplicate of this blog and there are some excellent photos and articles which may interest you

Please feel free to join us.


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