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2005 Discovery found under Hatshepsuts Obelisk

Neferhotep - Karnak
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This Press Release provides details of the discovery.

"The first leg of the Franco-Egyptian delegation will be to the northern side of the fifth pylon, the area between the eighth and ninth pylons, and the Wadjyt Hall. This last area is the site of the most important recent discovery at Karnak, a double limestone statue of 13th dynasty king Neferhotep. This was unearthed in a niche 1.5m below the foundation pit of an obelisk"

From: The Plateau (May 2005)

As a side note, the team uncovered a small cartouche- shaped plaque with the Prenomen of Hatshepsut, Maatkare during the same work around the double statue of Neferhotep). I would assume that it would have either gone into storage at Karnak or to the Cairo Museum but would like to know for the Hatshepsut database. If you are able to help regarding this item, i would be greteful to hear from you.


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