Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hatshepsut Sphinx at Memphis? The Ostracon, Summer 2004

I recently found an article which brought up a interesting subject which i had not seen before. I posted it on Facebook due to the high level of Thutmose III information, including a great article from Aidan Dodson.

The whole document is extremely interesting, but the possibility of a Hatshepsut Sphinx in Memphis (the Administration capital of Ancient Egypt during Hatshepsuts lifetime) was the attention grabber for me.

Far from being a done deal, the sphinx may still represent Thutmose III, but stylistically, it could be either him or Hatshepsut. The article is well worth a read:

The Ostracon (Journal of the Egyptian Study Society), VOLUME 15, NUMBER 2; SUMMER-2004


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Anonymous said...

According to some later findings and correction of history calculation, Queen Hatsheput must have been the Queen of Saba who visited King Solomon