Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hatshepsut Database - Thoughts for the long term

I have yo-yo'd from thought to thought on the eventual future of the database. This is something i wrestle with on a daily basis and have done since setting up the Hatshepsut Museum Database Project.

As you may or may not now, a Wikiversity Page has was set up by Anneke Bart in response to my pleas for help. Even without any further amendments, its a great page. I have to decide whether to make use of this page or go in another direction. I currently have a single excel spreadsheet housing (eventually) all the information gathered, so that ALL of Hatshepsuts artifacts can be displayed on one page to allow for future study of these items.

The "grandest" idea to date is perhaps the least likely, certainly the most expensive and full of potential hazards.-The idea would be to have a CD with the database added, with the ability to have many filters, colour codes, photos, possibly even audio. I love what Bob Briar did with his "History of Egypt" audio tapes/ cd/ dvd.  The idea would be to include the database and have the option to hear about the history of the discoveries, how items ended up in their current homes and the ancient history such as why certain items were made and how they relate to Hatshepsut.

The biggest issue here is cost. I wish to be able to share the information free of charge and available to all. Another thing is that the database will be compiled using items located by me (and those brought to my attention by others). As such, i will inevitably leave out items, locate new museums, have to input any "new" discoveries, correct errors, etc. For this i would have to bring out Version 1,2,3 etc. This increases cost.

Whilst i am a very long way from finishing the database - i am looking at the very best way of displaying it. I had thought of creating a website. That may happen still, but i am no closer to making the final decision.


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