Saturday, 3 September 2011

Kestner Museum, Hannover

Kestner Museum, Hannover, Germany has at least one offering for the Hatshepsut Database.

Museum Number: 1935.200.200
Object: Temple Relief
Type: Fragment
Material: Limestone
Link to Hatshepsut: Deir el Bahri, Thutmose III
Origination: Deir el Bahri, Upper Terrace
Discovery Details:
Acquisition Details: Formerley Baron von Bissing Collection
Acquisition Date: 1935
Photograph: Hatshepsut From Queen to Pharaoh, Page 156, figure 85.

The relief fragment in question depicts a statue of Thutmose III in a procession, during the Opet Festival. If anyone out there knows of any other Hatshepsut related items from the Kestner Museum please let me know as this is currently the only entry on the database for this museum.


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