Sunday, 27 February 2011

Qheen Ahmose- facsimile by Howard Carter

Qheen Ahmose; facsimile by Howard Carter
Originally uploaded by The Egypt Exploration Society

Howard Carter is known to some simply as the man who discovered the nearly intact tomb of Tutankhamun. Carter had a much larger impact in Egypt than just the Valley of Kings.

Deir el Bahri is one location where Carter's work is of note. His artistic skills came into play and he set about drawing a number of wonderful watercolour paintings. One of which is of Hatshepsut's mother, Queen Ahmose, seen in this copy.

I will locate more of these. I am sure that i saw a Hatshepsut watercolour when visiting Highclere Castle, so i will look into that.

I don't know exactly where this depiction comes from within Deir el Bahri, but i will find out. I suspect it is from the Hatshepsut shrine area (?) at the top of Hatshepsut's mortuary temple.

Thanks to the Egypt Exploration Society for sharing this image on Flickr.

Update: MMA site shows 2 Howard Carter watercolours:



Alice said...

This is a detail of the theogamy's scene depicting Ahmes led by Khnum and Heqet (just before Hatshepsut's birth).
See E. NAVILLE, The Temple of Deir el Bahari (6 vol.) for all the pictures of the temple.


Stuart Tyler said...

Thanks very much for the information, Alice, that's very helpful indeed.

Although i have some of the Naville Excavation reports, it would appear that further purchases may be necessary. JSTOR may be the answer in this case.

The photos that i have do not cover the area you mention, so i will keep my eyes open.

Kind Regards,

Debbie said...

Last time I was at the Metropolitan Museum in NY there was a beautiful display of Howard Carter's watercolors. I don't know if it's still up there but it was very impressive.

Stuart Tyler said...

Hi Debbie. I will contact the MMA to see if they are still there.

Even copies are fine as long as i can see what kind of volume we are looking at.

I have yet to contact Highclere Castle, but that's on the cards too.

Thanks for the tip-off,


Gary Hopkins said...

I don't think they have any Carter watercolours at Highclere. I've been their mant times and I would gave remembered this if they did have.
The EES has some. Would liked to have seen the ones at the Met but missed unfortunately.
I have actually made some very reasonable copies of some of his watercolours my self. If you would like to see some samples please drop me a line. Cheers
Email. usavewithsherlock@gmail.comans

Gary Hopkins said...