Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hatshepsut - From Queen to Pharaoh

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This is the wonderful book which Anneke Bart used as the basis of the Hatshepsut Project article on Wiki

I do intend to add to Anneke's work, but i have my hands full currently, so that will follow in due course.

This is a book which is packed full of information on Hatshepsut and has helped wonders to locate museums and sites which have aided the Hatshepsut Project's progress.

The book itself follows a wonderful exhibition of Hatshepsut artifacts held in the museums of San Fransisco/ De Young from October 15th 2005- February 5th 2006; The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA) from March 28th to July 9th 2006; and the Kimbell Art Museum (Fort Worth) from August 27th to December 31st 2006.

I missed this particular exhibition, so i have been playing catch-up by reading this book. For anyone interested in Hatshepsut, this is a wonderfully enlightening book. We follow Hatshepsut from Queen to fully- fledged Pharaoh and follows the co-operation of many museums and organisations the world over. Items were lent specifically to be a part of the exhibition- many of which may not bee seen together again in one space.

I may not have been to any of the exhibitions, but the information supplied will aid my (and your?) future studies. I cannot recommend this book enough.

Main credits got to Catherine H Roehrig (MMA) with Renee Drayfus and Cathleen A Keller although many others helped.


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