Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A morning with Dr Andrzej Cwiek by Jane Akshar

I have been meaning to post this for ages:

In March 2010, Jane Akshar of Luxor News visited Deir el Bahri and met up with Dr Andrzej Cwiek, who is "the Assistant director of the Polish Mission" - restoring and studying the temple complex.

Jane and Dr Cwiek walked to various spots around the temple complex and discussed erasures, head cloths, Senenmut and much more. Permission for Jane to go "back-of-house" was obtained through the correct methods (see article for details), so rather than just walking where the tourists are allowed, some VIP access was granted.

The article also contains some wonderful photographs, which i had not seen before, which i found to be very useful.

As an end note, Deir el Bahri is on the West Bank of Luxor. Events over the past week have not affected tourism in this area as it has in Lower (Northern) Egypt. As for the excavations/ restorations i do not know for sue, so I've emailed Dr Cwiek to try to obtain some information on the safety of his team at Deir el Bahri. I will let you know if/when i receive a response.


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