Thursday, 23 June 2011

Secrets of Egypt's Lost Queen - Discovery Channel

"Secrets of Egypt's Lost Queen" is the documentary behind the "discovery" of the mummy identified as Hatshepsut.

This documentary, by Zahi Hawass is the unveiling of this mummy to the world.

The link is not to a video, but Discovery Channels description of the documentary. When they show it again, i will be sure to say.



tim said...

Hey Stuart

Not a terrible show but many mistakes including the mummy being marketed in the show as unknown women "B" from the Deir el Bahari cache was in fact unknown women "D" from the tomb of Amenhotep II in the Valley of kings complete with her raised toe on her left foot.

A graphic in the show introduces an image of a mummy lying next to the canopic box of Hatshepsut. This is a complete fabrication.

Lastly it has been raised that the tooth used to identify the mummy of Hatshepsut should have 3 roots not two?

If you like royal mummies chances are you will enjoy the show just don't take it to seriously.


Stuart Tyler said...

Hi Tim,

What i have become accustomed to with these documentaries is a bit of Hollywood style story- telling and there are always faults. Its a real shame and really goes against the sciences involved in Egyptology.

Sadly, this is all we have the for the mummy of Hatshepsut. I would love to see an open forum discussion with the likes of Hawass, etc but i fear we are unlikely to see that.

Thanks for spotting the incorrect mummy labelling also. Thats very poor research and there's little excuse for that.