Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Karnak video on You Tube by UCLA

Updated 11/04/2014

Here is a video on You Tube from UCLA, who are responsible for the Digital Karnak Project.

It shows the building progression of the Temple complex at Karnak. Hatshepsut (amongst other things) built the 8th pylon, erected 2 obelisks - both in an areas which housed no other buildings and were therefore remote and started the Wadjet Hall.

After Hatshepsut, the next Pharaohs were Thutmose III and then Amenhotep II. Both of these Pharaohs have been accused of the "destruction" of Hatshepsut's monuments.

What is of interest to me is Thutmose III built the Contra Temple which incorporated the obelisks within its design and Amenhotep II completed Hatshepsut's Wadjet Hall. The Red Chapel was dismantled by Thutmose III and incorporated into a later pylon foundation by Amenhotep III.

It seems that the "destruction" was more of a "progression" rather than anyone wishing for the name of Hatshepsut to be no more. As a general rule- Hatshepsut (at Karnak) was treated no differently than any other Pharaoh when it came to building projects of later Pharaohs. Progression meant "out with the old and in with the new" and nothing personal.



Anonymous said...

But why, then, were her name and figure erased in the coronation scene?

Stuart Tyler said...

Hi anonymous. Are you referring to the Red Chapel?