Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Deir el Bahri Photo - Lower Anubis Chapel

This photo was sent to me by Nebojsa Milosevic (a follower of the Hatshepsut Project and author of a blog on Cleopatra) and shows an area of the Lower Anubis Chapel.

The frieze at the top of the photo appears as a cryptogram (see Rebus) of the throne name of Hatshepsut, Maat-Ka-Re.

Below the frieze appears the vulture goddess Nekhbet, patron of Upper Egypt.

Lastly at the bottom of the picture we see the winged sun disc (Behdety).

All of the above show their original colour in spectacular fashion. Years of cleaning and restoration work makes this possible. Work which is still being undertaken today.

Thank you Nebojsa (Englez) for this and the other photos you kindly sent to me. I will include the others as i go.


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