Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hatshepsut Project - a YEAR has passed......

On June 2nd 2010 i posted my first article on this blog. How has a year passed so quickly?

This will be my 169th post. Let me start with thanking all of you who have popped-in, followed, commented, emailed and helped. There are too many of you to mention, but you know who you are.

The Hatshepsut Project has only just started. I have so many ideas for the future and further sites, museums, articles, artifacts, etc are always being brought to my attention. Saying that i can always make use of additional information.

One thing which has been a disappointment is my inability to learn how to get my head around posting on the Wikiversity pages. Goodness knows I've tried, but i am close to having to just admit that I may have to leave it for others. I take this opportunity to thank Anneke Bart for starting the Hatshepsut Project Pages on Wikiversity. I love them and visit often. I just cannot post anything on there wthout typing gibberish....! Time is my real issue (amongst other excuses!)

As for the future - where to start? A recent decision is to concentrate on Hatshepsut and only introduce her officials, based on their monuments, etc which bare her name(s). This way I have more time for Hatshepsut. Maat-Ka-Ra-Hatschepsut is absolutely the first place to go for those who wish to have very detailed information on these figures. Here i will concentrate only on their items, artifacts which in some way gives us information on Hatshepsut.

Also i am very keen to start on the very many blocks/ reliefs housed within museum collections and sites around the world. I want to do roughly the same thing as Stephanie Roberts is doing (perhaps without the visit to Egypt - unless i am really lucky!). Rather than seeing the relief as simply "oh that's from the Punt Colonnade" - i want to go to the next level. Why not find out the exact spot? I will absolutely need help, I but i think that mini- projects such as these will keep the blog fresh.

I will update older posts as i go, so to anyone new to the blog the information on each post should be accurate and up to date. Do point our errors to me. I love the feedback and the comments - It would be a lonely place without your voices.

Anyway, i am surrounded by books and papers and a cold cup of coffee. Better get the kettle on.

The photo at the top of the post is of Hathor, in cow form, leaving a shrine (from the Chapel of Hathor, Djeser Djeseru @ Deir el Bahri).

Thank you.


tim said...

Hi Stuart

Congratulations on your first year and the success you deserve for creating a very interesting site. I am looking forward to what you will do in the future.

I of course will continue to bug you if I find anything of relevance to The Hatshepsut Project.


Stuart Tyler said...

Thanks for the support Tim -

"I of course will continue to bug you if I find anything of relevance to The Hatshepsut Project"

- Make sure you do. your comments are always welcomed.