Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Is there a life outside the Hatshepsut Project?

The real answer is "barely". Don't get me wrong i love it (and wouldn't change it for the world) but even when pursuing other hobbies of mine, the Hatshepsut Project is never far away.

Since my (only) trip to Egypt in 2008, I've been able to start a number of projects, which are all at various stages of development. Studying photographs was the first of those hobbies. We (my wife and I) took many photos in Upper Egypt. I am still studying those photographs today.

As i use Flickr so often to share other peoples photographs to use on my blog, it became evident that i should share my own catalogue of photographs so that others can have the opportunity to benefit from them.

Subsequent visits to Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham Museum, Highclere Castle, The British Museum and the Thames Embankment have added to my collection of photos.

I wish to share these photographs to anyone who has an interest in Egypt. I will continue to add to my Flickr account as i go.

I will discuss further "projects" at a later date.


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