Sunday, 29 May 2011

Hatshepsut - Bob Brier

Updated 11/04/2014

Here is a wonderful introduction on You Tube to Hatshepsut by "my man" Bob Brier.

Known by many as "Mr Mummy" for his extensive work on mummies and the mummification process, Bob Brier is more than just a mummy- man.

In 2001 he released a series of lectures entitled "The History of Ancient Egypt" through the Teaching Company. This was to be my first introduction on the history of Egypt (in lecture format) and is an excellent source of information for beginners (although a bit outdated now).

Bob's teaching style, passion and knowledge has been a great influence to me and no doubt countless others who have been fortunate enough to own a copy on tape (yes tape!), CD or MP3.

Here is a link to all 6 parts of the "Hatshepsut" lecture on You Tube.

Furthermore "Hatshepsut" is only one of many subject matters in the series (50 in total if my memory serves me well), so you may find his lectures on Akhenaten, Tutankhamun, Sneferu and others equally as interesting.

Lectures on YouTube are posted by Nilevalleytrevelcom. Should they be removed due to copyright, then i will remove the link altogether.


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