Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Hatshepsut - Palace of Ma'at (Karnak)

Karnak Temple
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The Palace of Ma'at (Egyptian goddess of Truth, Justice and Order, amongst others is yet another of Hatshepsut's building projects within the temple complex of Karnak.

Hatshepsut's images have been removed, but as can be seen in the above image by sdhaddow.

Her cartouche can be easily seen above the head of the falcon god (to the left).

This scene, plus others can still be seen today in the Karnak complex. Karnak is the second most important site in Egypt (Djeser Djeseru at Deir el Bahri being the most important) for the study of Hatshepsut "in stone" . Perhaps it is just as important as Deir el Bahri. Certainly both of these sites are an absolute MUST for Hatshepsut enthusiasts.

For further information on the Palace of Ma'at - visit Digital Karnak


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David Beeson said...


Do 'we' know where H's living palace was located in / around Luxor?