Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hatshepsut Name Variations

In a recent post i wanted to highlight the variations of the name of Hatshepsut. Since then i have been able to review much more material and have found more variants.

This post will be used to list the variations i find myself (and one's pointed out by you also) in the hope that the information may be useful to others who wish to find information on the internet and in books.

Remember that my use of "Hatshepsut" is my choice, perhaps yours too. However we will only be afforded limited "hits" from search engines and they will usually be in English. Some of the most influential information on Hatshepsut is not written in English or available in the UK.

Here's the list- to be updated as we go:

Birth Name:

  1. Hatshepsut
  2. Hatshepsu
  3. Hatchepsut
  4. Hatchepsout
  5. Hatschepsut
  6. Hatasu
  7. Hatshepsowe
  8. Hatshepsitou
  9. Hatschepsowet
  10. Hatshepsowet
  11. Hatshopsitu
  12. Hatsjepsoet
  13. Amunneitgori
  14. Amenenthe
  15. Numt- Amen
  16. Amessis

Throne Name:

  1. Maat-ka-re
  2. Maat-ka-ra
  3. Maatkara
  4. Maatkare
  5. Makere
  6. Ramarka
  7. Ramaka
  8. Ramaaka
  9. Kamara



tim said...

H.H. Powers 1924, Egypt also uses Hatshepsowet, while Gaston Maspero's 1904 History of Egypt Vol.V uses Hatshopsitu


Stuart Tyler said...

Thanks very much for the additions Tim.

Kurt Sethe also uses Hatshepsowet (just found that out), Hatshopsitu is new to me.

I will add both.


Stuart Tyler said...

Correction. Kurt Sethe uses Hatschepsowet (Urkunden Der 18. Dynastie- 1906).


Stuart Tyler said...

Amunneitgori (John Gardner Wilkinson), 1827
Amenenthe (Jean- Francois Champollion), 1829
Numt- Amen (Karl Richard Lepsius/ Prussian Expedition), 1845

These name variants are found in Hatshepsut - From Queen to Pharaoh, page 291 (Dorothea Arnold).