Saturday, 2 April 2011

Neferubity - British Museum

BM/Big number: 1458

Neferubity was the only sister of Hatshepsut. Sadly not a great deal is known about her. Hatshepsut depicted her family members at Deir el Bahri and had it not been for the surviving images we have today- we may not even be aware of Neferubity's existence. Apart from at Deir el Bahri she is not well attested.

This surviving fragment shows Neferubity's cartouche along with other hieroglyphs, which mention her stance as "Kings Daughter". The king in this instance is Thutmose I.

This limestone fragment shows finely carved hieroglyphs, which i have come to see as the "norm" at Deir el Bahri. It is housed in the British Museum. Follow the link for this items information and also other items within their database.

This block comes from the Upper Court area of Hatshepsut's temple.



Alice said...

Hi Stuart !
I know only one depiction of Neferubity (sometimes also read : Akhbetneferu) at Deir el Bahri. I send you the publication of E. Naville (and the drawing of H. Carter) about it.
Bity means "King of Lower Egypt". King of Upper and Lower Egypt is "nesu-bity".

Stuart Tyler said...

Thanks for your help Alice. I look forward to receiving the publication. Is the name Neferubity to be translated as "The Beauty of Upper Egypt?"


Nely Emiliani said...

Hi, Stuart I have the book Excavation At Deir El Bahari and H.E. Windlock said that their was a King of the name Neferu, also he speak of Neferu-bity, and their also is a Queen of the name
Neferu from the eleven Dynasty... I also believe that he assume things that are not truth as Hatshepsut Mortuary Temple, he said that Sen-Mut started to build my temple during the rein of THUTMOSE III, because he found some deposit buried with his scarabs on the site... well I can tell him, that is also the scarabs of my father the great Maat and Neferu-re and Neferu was long dead as my father, Sen-Mut started during THUTMOSE II the mortuary Themple, you can contact me at