Saturday, 9 April 2011

Hatshepsut - False Door of her Vizier, User

Updated 11/04/2014

From Jane Akshar.

Discovered at Karnak, False Door of her Vizier, User

this article provides another piece of the very large jigsaw puzzle that makes up the background life of Hatshepsut.

Wikipedia has a page on User, a Vizier. He is another person from Ancient Egypt who was involved in the life of Hatshepsut. He was buried on the West Bank of Luxor in tomb TT61.

For further information on the false door please visit Maat-Ka-Ra-Hatschepsut. Dr. Leser provides transliterations and translations of the full text and provides some useful background information on User (who is also known as Useramun). Please click the link and visit: Persons/Useramun.

With thanks to Dr. Karl Leser for the additional information.


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