Sunday, 10 April 2011

Hatshepsut - Contra Temple at Karnak

I've mentioned before that Hatshepsut erected 4 obelisks at the Karnak temple complex in Luxor (Thebes).

The standing obelisk and the fallen obelisk are a pair. The two others (also a pair) had a slightly different fate. We have pieces of these only. Their bases have been damaged but are still visible today. See Maat-Ka-Ra-Hatschepsut for photos of these bases. Visit Site Map/Obelisks. Also on his site, Dr. Leser shows 2 further fragments from Karnak and a detailed page

The location of these is the Contra Temple as described by Digital Karnak.

Now that the locations of the Karnak Obelisks have been described i will turn my attention to the fragments which i am aware of in Museums.

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